Did you know that we have something in common with world famous celebrities?

They also play! Hell then, no one would have thought that even the greats of Hollywood share their passion with us. So here are some celebrities that you might run into at the best online or offline casinos .

Ben Affleck

Eh yes ! Batsy is a well-known patron. Although I have never seen him play slots it can be assumed that he does play them from time to time. Often, Mr. Affleck is seen playing table games . In 2001, Ben went to rehab for his gambling and alcohol problems.

And it’s certainly not because of his career. It was a great year for our idol thanks to Pearl Harbor. It wasn’t until two years later that he released films that were not well received by critics, such as Daredevil and Gigli. But anyway, he’s fine now and we’re hoping to see the last movie with Ben in the lead role, titled “Triple Frontier”.

Shannon Elizabeth

Remember that sexy woman in American Pie that Jim Levenstein was supposed to have sex with on a show? This is none other than Shannon and she has found a new profession in poker . Rumor has it that she has her own casino at home!

She also defends animal rights. Besides gaming, she runs a website called Animal Avengers to help protect animal rights. She has also supported casino promotions by participating in celebrity tournaments like Celebrity Poker Showdown at Caesars Palace .

Charles Barkley

This guy is one of Michael Jordan’s archenemies. Oh come on. Don’t tell me he’s old at 55. Let’s talk about celebrities in history and today. Sir Charles, also referred to as the “ Round Mound of Rebound, ” was a 6 ′ 6 ”powerhouse in the NBA from 1984 to 2000.

Today, he is an outspoken sports critic and analyst. He admitted one day that his gambling problems cost him 10 million euros! Ouch! It must have hurt!

Charlie Sheen

Oooh, my boy! Who hasn’t heard of this madman and his escapades? Anybody.

Catapulted to fame for his show Two and a Half Men, Charlie had it tough and was on a downward slope. Evidenced by his divorce from Denise Richards, his relationship with a famous porn star and his addiction to gambling. According to his ex-wife, he spent around 20,000 euros per week on gambling .

Celebrities In Gambling

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