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How To Recognize Good Bonuses From Online Casinos?

Online casinos are plentiful. It has never been easier to create an online casino with the software available. Associated with a growing number of players, online casinos have a bright future. However, with such fierce competition, many operators are looking for ways to attract players. Over the years, one of the most useful methods of attracting crowds has been the casino bonus .

Promotions are nothing new. Websites have always rewarded players who register and actively play. However, with the large number of online casinos, operators have made their bonuses more and more attractive. These promotions often come with underhand conditions designed to prevent players from taking full advantage of the offer.

Join us to learn how to recognize good online casino bonuses!

 Low Withdrawal Requirements

If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that there is no such thing as a free meal. If a bonus sounds too good to be true, it usually is! One of the most obvious ways for online casinos to limit their players is to set high wagering requirements. In this way, the chances of betting on the bonus while making a profit can decrease considerably .

The standard wagering requirement appears to be hovering around 40x your initial deposit . Even that may seem a bit too high for us! However, some online casinos set the wagering requirement at 50x or even 60x!

Another tip of some websites is to make the initial wagering requirements appear lower. For example, they will say 30x the deposit + the bonus amount. Assuming you have deposited $ 100 for a 100% match, you will need to wager $ 6000 instead of $ 3000. With a doubled wagering requirement, players are much more likely to lose.

Try to find an online casino that offers you the option of a 40x wagering requirement. These are the most common and usually do not come with additional conditions. If you can find bonuses with an even lower wagering requirement, then you should take advantage!

Clear Terms And Conditions

Many of us have experienced the haze of large blocks of text. The best online casinos do their best to make their rules as clear as possible. You shouldn’t need a lawyer to be able to understand exactly what the casino meant. When you find a website that you find interesting, check its terms and conditions .

Ideally, they will be divided into several categories. Clear language text is also important. Too many complicated words should cause some concern. Operators sometimes leave things written in a confusing manner, or ignore them altogether.

For example, some websites do not include a clause in their T & Cs for progressive jackpots. In the unlikely event that you do win one, the casino may choose to pay it off in installments.

Fair Chances

Still regarding the terms and conditions, players should browse the document looking for unfair rules . If you’re not careful, online casino bonuses can take you by surprise. For example, you may find that the promotion you have chosen to play must meet the 7-day wagering requirement instead of 30.

A casino’s terms and conditions can contain a number of notable elements that can raise eyebrows. One of the most annoying things you can come across is winnings limits or conversion caps. If you don’t notice them in time, these items can absolutely ruin a bonus. These two options do the same thing using different methods: limiting the amount you can earn through a technical detail.

As with many other things, you will become more adept at spotting these pitfalls over time. Our best advice is to carefully read the T & Cs of each bonus before accepting one. If you can’t find one or all of the promotions that fall under one and the same Bonus T&C, you should be wary.

Celebrities In Gambling

Did you know that we have something in common with world famous celebrities?

They also play! Hell then, no one would have thought that even the greats of Hollywood share their passion with us. So here are some celebrities that you might run into at the best online or offline casinos .

Ben Affleck

Eh yes ! Batsy is a well-known patron. Although I have never seen him play slots it can be assumed that he does play them from time to time. Often, Mr. Affleck is seen playing table games . In 2001, Ben went to rehab for his gambling and alcohol problems.

And it’s certainly not because of his career. It was a great year for our idol thanks to Pearl Harbor. It wasn’t until two years later that he released films that were not well received by critics, such as Daredevil and Gigli. But anyway, he’s fine now and we’re hoping to see the last movie with Ben in the lead role, titled “Triple Frontier”.

Shannon Elizabeth

Remember that sexy woman in American Pie that Jim Levenstein was supposed to have sex with on a show? This is none other than Shannon and she has found a new profession in poker . Rumor has it that she has her own casino at home!

She also defends animal rights. Besides gaming, she runs a website called Animal Avengers to help protect animal rights. She has also supported casino promotions by participating in celebrity tournaments like Celebrity Poker Showdown at Caesars Palace .

Charles Barkley

This guy is one of Michael Jordan’s archenemies. Oh come on. Don’t tell me he’s old at 55. Let’s talk about celebrities in history and today. Sir Charles, also referred to as the “ Round Mound of Rebound, ” was a 6 ′ 6 ”powerhouse in the NBA from 1984 to 2000.

Today, he is an outspoken sports critic and analyst. He admitted one day that his gambling problems cost him 10 million euros! Ouch! It must have hurt!

Charlie Sheen

Oooh, my boy! Who hasn’t heard of this madman and his escapades? Anybody.

Catapulted to fame for his show Two and a Half Men, Charlie had it tough and was on a downward slope. Evidenced by his divorce from Denise Richards, his relationship with a famous porn star and his addiction to gambling. According to his ex-wife, he spent around 20,000 euros per week on gambling .

The History Of Card Counting In Blackjack

Card counting was first introduced to the general public by blackjack legend Edward O. Thorp in his 1962 book “Beat the Dealer”.

For this reason, he is often credited with inventing this strategy . However, before Thorp exposed the strategy to the world, a small group of professional gamers were using it in Las Vegas. The first of these would be Jess Marcum. Little is known about Marcum, he wanted to stay under the radar so much, but we do know that this Tennessee-born electrical engineer was the first player to be banned from Las Vegas casinos for counting cards.

After card counting was brought to light by Edward O. Thorp, it caught the attention of gambling tycoons. In 1970, Ken Uston took the next step by introducing the process of team card counting. It’s about having a certain number of “lookouts” seated at the table, who count the cards and tell the “big player” when to join the table and bet big. This strategy is strongly discouraged and may lead to you being fired from the casino.

The Benefits Of Counting Cards In Blackjack

  • Stay : The player can stay on totals of 12 to 16, while the dealer cannot.
  • Insurance : On average, when the dealer has an extra ace, the remaining cards in blackjack will be tens at 30.87% (based on a six-game play), making insurance a bad bet. . However, if the probability exceeds 33.33%, it becomes a good bet. The counters know when the remaining cards are rich of tens, and then make powerful assurances.
  • Doubling Up : Usually when the player doubles up he wants a ten. The player makes better doubles, thus approaching 21.
  • Blackjack : Both the player and the dealer will see more blackjacks, but the player will be paid 3 to 2, and the dealer will not.
  • Give up : The alternative to surrender is much worse when there are dozens. If the alternative is to take a new card, the player is more likely to lose. If the player stays, due to the high number of points, the dealer has even more chances to get a 10.
  • Share : The player usually splits high cards and / or low cards from the dealer. In either case, a shoe of 10 helps the player get higher totals and increases the likelihood of the dealer getting caught.

Strategies For Counting Cards

To assess the richness of the game in good cards , the player will keep track of the cards he has already played. Strategies vary , but all assign a point value to each card.

For example, the hi-lo count assigns a value of +1 to 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, and -1 to tens and aces. Everything else is 0, or neutral.

At the start of a deck of cards or a shoe, the count is 0. Then the counter constantly adds and subtracts from the count, depending on the cards played. This running total is called the “current account”. A positive count means that a disproportionate number of small cards have already been played, which means the deck is rich in cards worth a lot of points.

To determine the “true count,” divide the running count by the number of packs remaining to be played or, in some strategies, by the number of half packs. This will give you the relative richness of the game in good cards.

The real account is used in two ways, to determine how much to bet and how to play your hand. Unless it is obvious, every situation has a situation where you have to play one way if the count is higher and another way if it is lower. For example, a 12 against a 6 might require you to stay if the actual count is -1 or greater, and take a new card if the actual count is less than -1.

The blackjack card counter will also bet more if the real count is high, which means the game is rich in good cards.